10 Brad Pitt Movies You Should Watch

Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s most famous stars. His name has been on the front page of gossip magazines for almost 30 years. Even though he is very famous, Pitt is one of the best players of his time. A popular star cannot do so many different things often. Pitt often chooses to work with interesting directors and plays many different types of roles. Pitt won the best supporting actor award for his work in the 2019 movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Here are 10 Brad Pitt Movies You Should Watch if you haven’t already.

12 Years a Slave (2013) 

Pitt received the Best Picture Oscar for producing 12 Years a Slave. He plays a minor role in the film. Solomon Northrup was kidnapped and enslaved. Pitt plays a Canadian carpenter who meets Solomon in captivity. The film brutally depicts this man’s and others’ suffering. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, and Oscar-winning Lupita Nyong’o star.

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Moneyball (2011) 

Pitt was nominated for an Oscar for his part in the sports movie Moneyball based on a true story. Billy Beane, who Pitt plays, is the manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. He finds a new way to use math to build a winning team that can fight with teams that have more money. Moneyball is a fun and interesting sports story, even though the topics of baseball and math might sound boring to a few people.

True Romance (1993) 

Pitt had a brief role in Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance before Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. After mistakenly stealing a drug bag, two lovers are pursued by gangsters in the film. Pitt plays a stoner roommate who watches the chaos unfold. Tony Scott beautifully captures Tarantino’s speech and violence. It has a great cast with numerous standouts.

Inglourious Basterds (2009) 

Pitt reunited with Quentin Tarantino for this gory, scathing, and fact-mangling World War II historical fantasy. Lieutenant Aldo Raine (called The Apache), a Tennessean war dog and commando unit leader, kills and scalps Nazis behind enemy lines. Tarantino didn’t cast Pitt until late in the day, when “I wrote a little bit more of the script and thought Brad would be terrific.” In an interview with Howard Stern, the actor, and director agreed over six bottles of wine and “a slice of hash.”    

Bullet Train(2022)

Ladybug gives Brad Pitt movies another late-period masterpiece from Bullet Train filmmaker David Leitch. This seasoned assassin has hundreds of hits, but he spent months with a life coach to set his head right after a string of poor luck. Ladybug wants to be a pacifist, but his latest task is to board a bullet train, steal a briefcase, and kill everybody in his way.

12 Monkeys (1995)

In this mix of Hitchcockian suspense and time-travel science fiction, Pitt plays Jeffery Goines, the leader of the mystery Army of the 12 Monkeys, who is thought to have spread a disease that killed most of the people on Earth. The time-shifting part sets up the end twist, which makes everything come full circle. Pitt’s performance earned him a Golden Globe and his first Oscar nod, cementing his place as a top Hollywood actor.

Thelma & Louise (1991) 

Brad Pitt’s Lt. Aldo Raine commands an all-Jewish American killing squad searching for “Nazi scalps” against Christoph Waltz’s Col. Hans Landa and the Nazi leadership. During World War II, the Basterds and SS fight at a Paris film presentation. This Quentin Tarantino flick is a fantasy about revenge. Excellent acting. Waltz’s magnetism challenges Pitt’s penetration and Italian. The video reinvents history with extended continuous scenes reminiscent of classic Hollywood cinema and educates viewers using Landa, the Nazi symbol. Waltz won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood (2019)

In this Quentin Tarantino film, Pitt plays Cliff Booth, a stunt actor in 1960s Tinseltown who meets Charles Manson’s family members. A has-been actor, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), enjoys fame and fringe advantages while Booth, a poor man, accepts it. Younger viewers can see their parents’ and grandparents’ life via counterculture nostalgia. Pitt won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.


Whether you like it or not, The Tree of Life (2011) is one of the most influential films of the 21st century. Terrence Malick’s singular vision is impressive. I often stared in disbelief. There are CGI dinosaurs and schools of fish. Isn’t this a Brad Pitt Movies? After that, the film returns to traditional storytelling. The movie tells the narrative of the O’Brien family and possibly the universe as it weaves through waves and the cosmos. The ending was satisfying for me. But some may find its pace lethargic and the story hard to follow.

AD ASTRA (2019)

Ad Astra was one of the best movie wonders of the year. Brad Pitt plays the scientist Roy McBride, trying to find his father, who has gone missing somewhere in the solar system. Pitt does a great job in part by keeping things simple. People will likely like Ad Astra even more in the years to come as they learn more about it each time they watch it.

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