Matt Damon Biography, Movies, & Facts

Matthew Damon is a famous American actor, director, and film producer. Forbes magazine named Damon one of the most bankable stars and one of the highest-earning actors of all time. He is also one of the best players in Hollywood. During his acting career, Damon has won a number of awards. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards and has won two of them. He has also won six Emmy Awards.  In 1988, Damon made his acting debut in the movie Mystic Pizza. Matt Damon became famous after writing and starring in “Good Will Hunting” with Ben Affleck. The movie won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay, and Damon was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Early Life

Matthew Paige Damon was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 8, 1970. When Matt was only two years old, his parents, banker Kent Damon and professor Nancy Carlsson-Paige, separated. This had an effect on how he was raised. Matt grew up in a Cambridge house with six other families with his brother Kyle. His mother took care of them most of the time.

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As a child, Damon made lasting friendships in this community. One of his best childhood friends was Ben Affleck, who is now an A-list actress. Between them from a very young age, they both wanted to be artists.

Despite starting college at Harvard University in 1988, Damon’s academic path changed. He went to Harvard for four years but decided to leave in 1992 when he was only 12 points away from getting his Bachelor of Arts in English. This important decision caused a change in his life; he now wants to become an actor.

Career and Movie

Matt had roles in a number of movies in the latter part of the 1980s and early 1990s, such as Mystic Pizza, Courage Under Fire, and School Ties. He dropped out of school in 1992 because he saw a chance to make Geronimo: An American Legend. He thought it would be his first big hit at the box office. But a few years later, when he worked with Ben Affleck to write and star in Good Will Hunting, his career took a big turn for the better. The story grew as Damon and his friends shared a house in Los Angeles. It started out as a school project. Both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay were given to Damon and Affleck for their work.

Additionally, Matt Damon was nominated for an award for Best Actor for his work in the movie. Both of them were shocked by the quick change from unknown to famous. Following this big break, Damon got lead parts in hit movies like The Rainmaker, Saving Private Ryan, and The Talented Mr. Ripley.


  • As struggling actors, he and his best friend Ben Affleck shared a bank account in Boston.
  • His childhood home was two blocks away from Ben Affleck’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • To improve his Southern accent for the role of Rudy Baylor in The Rainmaker (1997), he worked in bars for free in Knoxville, TN. He later hired a client as his dialect coach.
  • After gaining significant weight for Stuck on You (2003), he lost 22 pounds in training for The Bourne Supremacy (2004), ultimately gaining six-pack abs.
  • He has English and Scottish ancestry on his father’s side, and Finnish and Swedish ancestry on his mother’s side. His maternal grandfather changed his surname from “Pajaari” (a Finnish surname) to “Paige”.

Even though a few movies in the late 1990s and early 2000s didn’t do well at the box office, Damon’s performances kept getting good reviews. Follow gomovies for more!

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